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Bosom Buddies

  • £12.99

Feel like a gooseberry? Not merry enough to start making a fool of yourself yet?Grab yourself a bosom buddy! B..

  • Brand: NPW
  • Product Code:NP31799
  • Availability:In Stock

Tags: Drink Markers. Glass, Tags, Drinking, Bar, Cocktails, Female, Fun, Party, Novelty, Beach, Pool

Feel like a gooseberry? Not merry enough to start making a fool of yourself yet?

Grab yourself a bosom buddy! Be careful though this one could be a bit of a handful! Pop her on the edge of your glass and get to know her, i'm sure by the end of the night through your beer goggles you might really really like her!

Introduce her to some people, have a dance with her, maybe even pucker up with her if you really get on! Everyone loves a bosom buddy especially one in a skimpy bikini! Use your bosom buddy at stag do's, house parties, a lads night out or even a BBQ.

Simply attach her hands to the edge of your glass and she's sure to cling on and show you her boobies!

  • Designed to hook onto end of glass
  • Easily keep track of your drink by selecting a buddy, and attaching him to your glass
  • Includes 6 different bosom buddies featuring brightly coloured swimming bikinis with different female names printed on the reverse
  • Perfect for stags, house parties and even picnics
  • Pack size: 217mm x 170mm